Breakfast Menu

We look forward to welcoming you to Lo Quay.

Please note our kitchen opens for breakfast from 8.00am - 11.30am and for lunch from 12.00pm onwards. We have a delicious offering of cabinet specials available all day, including many vegetarian and gluten free options.

All our menu items, coffees and drinks can be prepared as take away to enjoy in the surrounding park.

GF=gluten free. DF=dairy free. GFO=gluten free option. V=vegetarian. VG=vegan. VGO=vegan option.

Although staff at Lo Quay take every precaution to safely handle and label foods containing potential allergens, cross contamination may occur. Please advise our friendly staff of any allergies when ordering.

15% public holiday surcharge applies

Lo Quay River Cafe Eggs Benedict in Wilson
Lo Quay River Cafe Breakfast in Wilson